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Our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section will continue to expand over time as we collect information from our customers and solve their problems each day.

Here are a few common questions the team has heard recently:

When is the Bridge Crane Express team available to assist me?

Both our parts and service departments can be reached directly by phone Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm Central Time at either 1.888.885.4229, 918.321.7971, or 405.495.3953

How do I order parts from Bridge Crane Express?

You can contact Bridge Crane Express directly by phone at 1.888.885.4229, 918.321.7971, or 405.495.3953 and ask to be connected to the Parts Department. You can also email our parts department at parts@bridgecrane.com or submit a request online to us through our PARTS REQUEST FORM.

When should I perform preventive maintenance on my crane?

Any new, used or repaired crane that has gone 12 months without use should have preventive maintenance performed – along with cycling of the crane, with no load, with regular load, and with a maximum load test. You should also refer to your owner’s manual for detailed preventive maintenance instructions and a suggested schedule.

How do overhead cranes work?

Overhead cranes cover a rectangular area, moving a load side to side and backward and forward. … They typically incorporate a top running trolley hoist which moves along the top of the two bridge beams on its own set of wheels for increased headroom under the crane; also called a top running crane.

What should we do if our crane stops working with a load suspended in the air?

This is an extremely dangerous situation which needs to be addressed immediately. The surrounding work area should be cleared of employees immediately to ensure no one is injured if the load falls. Alert management and block the area from equipment or pedestrian traffic. Once the area has been safely secured, call Bridge Crane Specialists for immediate service. You may also try turning the crane’s power off for approximately 10 minutes to allow the electrics to reset. The crane can then be powered back on to see if it will function normally. Even if the crane begins working, we would highly recommend that you call Bridge Crane Express and have the unit examined and serviced by an experienced technician as soon as possible.

What if my crane’s load comes down slowly by itself?

This is referred to as “Load Drift” and is a sign of a highly dangerous failure of the crane’s hoist. This indicates that your electric brake and/or load brake are not functioning properly and potentially cause a load to drop. If load drift occurs, discontinue use of the crane, remove it from service, Report the incident to your management, and call Bridge Crane Specialists for immediate service.

What is a crane inspection?

Inspection of Cranes and Lifting Devices. Inspection creates substantial data that can be used to ensure safety and increase the life span of a crane or a lifting device. Many inspections are mandatory and require a formal record. An overhead crane should be inspected by an experienced, trained crane professional. 

How often are cranes inspected?

OSHA guidelines dictate mandatory annual inspections, however, the frequency which these inspections should take place can also be based upon the usage of your crane: A crane which operates under “normal service” should be inspected monthly; a crane in “heavy service” should be inspected weekly to monthly; and a crane in “severe service” should be inspected daily to weekly. Please contact us directly by phone, email our service department at jpacula@bridgecrane.com or submit a request online to us through our INSPECTION REQUEST FORM if you are in need of an inspection. We are always available to keep you safe and your overhead crane performing properly.

Is overhead crane training required OSHA?

While OSHA standards do not spell out overhead crane training requirements, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers does get much more specific in the ASME B30.2 standard. … It further states that a company’s management is responsible to “provide training to persons who will operate a crane” (Section 2-3.3.3(b).

Should a damaged crane remain attached to a power source or disconnected immediately?

A broken crane should be disconnected immediately. All operators and individuals who may interact with the crane must be advised and should be instructed not to use the crane until it has been repaired and inspected by a qualified overhead crane service professional. Please feel free to contact Bridge Crane Express by phone, email our service department at jpacula@bridgecrane.com or submit a request online to us through our MAINTENANCE REQUEST FORM to schedule maintenance for your damaged crane.  

Are there any downloadable product or service brochures available on this website?

Yes! Please feel free to view or download any of our Product and Service Brochures to learn more about what Bridge Crane Express and Bridge Crane Specialist have to offer. 


Contact our team by phone at 1.888.885.42291.918.321.7971 (TULSA METRO), 1.405.495.3953 (OKC METRO), or 1.512.593.8000 (AUSTIN, TX) with any specific needs.