Bridge Crane Express, LLC. provides full-service overhead crane maintenance, inspection, and repair and conquer the challenges and problems put before us by those industries searching for a cost-effective, efficient and safe solution.

Our team of professionals specialize in the servicing of overhead and work station crane systems for a wide range of industries. The Bridge Crane Express customer base is a collection of organizations, manufacturers, and businesses of all sizes and markets.

Listed below are just a few industries Bridge Crane Express supports:

  Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
•  Precast Concrete
•  Metal Casting
•  Heat Exchanger Manufacturing
•  Natural Gas Compressor Fabrication
•  Natural Gas Compressor Assembly
•  Truck Maintenance
•  Metal Building Manufacturing
•  Railroad Car Maintenance
•  Tool & Die
•  Natural Gas Compressor Stations
•  Steel Fabrication
•  Oil Field Equipment
• Aerospace Manufacturing
•  Steel Service Centers
•  Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing
•  Plastic Injection Molding
•  Construction Equipment Maintenance
•  Construction Equipment Manufacturing
•  Pre-Fabricated Housing
•  General Glass Maintenance
•  General Glass Manufacturing
•  Warehousing
•  Aerospace Machining & Assembly
•  Power Generation
•  Granite Fabrication & Warehousing


Feel free to contact the Bridge Crane Express team by phone at 1.888.885.4229, 1.918.321.7971 (TULSA METRO), or 1.405.495.3953 (OKC METRO) with any specific needs.

We are always happy to answer your questions.