Bridge Crane Express, LLC. offers load test services for your newly installed or repaired overhead crane.

Our team has been trained to perform an in-house and on-site load test to fulfill OSHA regulations. Our top priority is safety.

Every owner and operator of an overhead crane should be aware that alterations, modifications, refurbishment, or any electrical work performed on an overhead crane dictates a serious need for a load test. As mentioned, load testing must be performed according to strict and detailed OSHA regulations. Our team uses specific weights to run a regiment of tests on the overhead crane system to ensure these standards are met accurately.

Our customers should be aware that most hoist manufacturers recommend equipment be load tested annually to confirm any overload devices are properly set and functioning correctly. This also provides an excellent opportunity to recalibrate if necessary.

Bridge Crane Express can perform load tests at our facility or schedule testing to be conducted on the customer site.


Contact our team by phone at 1.888.885.42291.918.321.7971 (TULSA METRO), 1.405.495.3953 (OKC METRO), or 1.512.593.8000 (AUSTIN, TX) with any specific needs.