Bridge Crane Express maintains a serious commitment to safety and to the support of all stakeholders we work with each day. Our Top Priority is Safety.

Safety and Our Customers

Our serious commitment to safety and our ultimate goal of keeping our customers and our staff from harm’s way is always the first thought on our minds – no matter what the cost. We offer each customer an informative and detailed crane operation safety training session after the installation of the crane in their facility. Each training session we conduct has been custom-tailored to match the specific crane we have installed for the customer. These training sessions not only provide a complete overview of how to safely operate the crane in the customer’s environment but also allows the operator to gain a clear understanding of the cranes’ design and specifications to extend their education on the entire scope and capability of the equipment they are using.

Customer Training 

Our customer training sessions are conducted in both a classroom setting and with a hands-on demonstration using the actual crane that has been installed in their work environment. No matter what capacity or style crane is to be used at their facility, serious commitment to safety, the well being of our customers, and the responsible operators they have employed with equality and the utmost seriousness.

Safety and Our Staff

We make certain that all of our staff members are educated in all areas of workplace safety and trained on a regular basis in the understanding of crane operations and safety. Our technicians, installers, and inspectors are regularly trained and refreshed with operational updates and procedures to maintain a level of consistency between our internal operations and our customer relationships.

Safety Meetings

Outside the expected realm of crane operation safety, Bridge Crane Express employees are informed on many other aspects of workplace safety to help them perform their duties. Bridge Crane Express conducts scheduled safety meetings for all staff members at the beginning of each month to discuss cover topics such as accident prevention and safety promotion, safety compliance, accident, and emergency response, personal protective equipment safety practices, equipment and machinery, chemical and hazardous materials safety, workplace hazards and employee involvement.

We know that an educated, aware, and accurately informed staff assists in keeping Bridge Crane Express on point with all of our safety priorities.

Our entire team follows all standards outlined by OSHA, CMAA, and ASME.

At Bridge Crane Express, safety is our top priority.


Contact our team by phone at 1.888.885.42291.918.321.7971 (TULSA METRO), 1.405.495.3953 (OKC METRO), or 1.512.593.8000 (AUSTIN, TX) with any specific needs.