Bridge Crane Express, LLC., is an organization sharply focused on the service, maintenance, repair, inspection, and safe operation of overhead and workstation cranes, hoists, and associated components.

The ultimate goal of Bridge Crane Express is to provide the best overhead crane and hoist service solutions in the industry which includes scheduled preventive overhead crane service and/or overhead crane repair, authorized warranty repair, a select inventory of replacement parts, and the capability to schedule and perform needed upgrades and load tests, to ensure safety and maximum performance.

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Standards and Practices

Bridge Crane Express has built a team of qualified and experienced crane professionals who also offer inspection services for overhead cranes, work station cranes, jib cranes, monorails and hoists. Our knowledgeable inspectors make certain that your products meet the standards outlined by OSHA, CMAA, and ASME.


Comprehensive Training

We have an experienced team who are prepared to conduct on-site overhead crane safety training sessions on request providing a flexible option to accurately educate and equip our customers, their employees, and their operators with clear and needed information. We can customize each session to reflect their specific product and training needs to ensure that all operators experience a detailed and understandable level of instruction.


Contact our team by phone at 1.888.885.42291.918.321.7971 (TULSA METRO), or 1.405.495.3953 (OKC METRO) with any specific needs.

We are always happy to answer your questions.